I’ve Been Sitting Here Too Long

Raise your hand if you think I blog a lot without really saying anything.

Yeah, well… who asked you, anyway?

I could write about something serious (or being single, but let’s face it: that gets old quickly) or I could just post something because our world lets anyone who wants one have a voice. And I want a voice. I also never plan on running for President, so I can pretty blog about whatever I want. Speaking of free speech and internet, so how about that SOPA?

Someone changed their profile picture on Facebook to “STOP SOAP,” which I guess was a joke, but it was the kind of person who might have actually thought people were all just spelling SOAP wrong, so basically I considered tweeting about what an awkward moment it was. But I think it is actually more awkward how popular the hashtag #thatakwardmomentwhen is.

Which, by the way, I was really just joking, but then I searched for it and realized… IT ACTUALLY IS A REALLY POPULAR HASHTAG. Do people not really know how to spell “awkward”? That is officially the first word I’m teaching my future children how to spell.

So I am a Teacher’s Assistant for the Public Speaking class at my university and they just had their first round of speeches where they had to basically just talk about themselves. They had to pick an animal that they felt they identified with, their favorite music or musician, a person who is really important to them, and a quote they live their life by. They are instructed to restate their four main points in their conclusion. So, someone had just given their fourth point and you could tell that he didn’t really know where to go from there, so he legitimately finished his speech by just saying his full name.

Only now I realize how that story does not translate that well when written out because not only did his just conclude by saying his name, but he said it with this sort of thug swagger that you cannot really express through written word. I apologize. Just trust me that it was a hilarious moment in my life. I wasn’t sure how to respond to his conclusion so I just started clapping.

And that’s basically how I always respond whenever I am in a confused state.



That’s all.


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