In the Meantime

“Yes, My child, the world is full of pain and suffering. Think not that I have forgotten it, or that My heart is unmoved by the cries of My children.”

For my Spiritual Formation class, we are required to read the daily devotions from a book called Echoes of Eternity: Listening to the Father, which is written by Hal M. Helms. He writes each entry as if God is speaking directly to us. And these were the words from yesterday.

“It is not for you to understand My ways and My delays. It is for you to keep on looking to Me for your daily needs, and to be faithful in holding up the bundle of concerns I have laid on your heart.”

It was eerie how fitting the words were. They spoke to my broken spirit. You see, I haven’t really shared this on my blog, but it has been on my heart and mind lately. My grandma had her third stroke in less than that many weeks. And my heart is breaking thinking that she is in pain. My mom and I were talking on the phone last night and she pointed out that Grandma knows that her children (and grandchildren) love her. There are no hurried apologies need to set everything straight between strained relationships. There is just love for her.

“One day your eyes will be opened to see what is how hidden from your view. In the meantime, do not turn your heart away from the suffering you see in this world. Turn every sight of pain and hurt into prayer. Learn to transform the pain into petition, knowing that I am at work to bring good out of every evil.”

In the meantime, I hold those I love closely in my heart. Life is worth so much. Money all runs out, and we find that the silly things we strived for all this time did not really matter as much as the people we have in our lives. Love others and love them well.

In the meantime, I pray she finds peace. I love my grandma so very much.

In the meantime, when it feels no words are adequate to express how it feels to be so far away with nothing really to do, I turn every hurt and sadness to prayer. I turn it all to God because He has always be the only one who has been able to take all the tears.


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