One Thing

I spoke in my college’s student-led chapel this morning. Yes, my college has chapel. Yes, I do go to a Christian university. Yes, I did receive beef jerky from my mother for Valentine’s Day. Yes, I did eat in on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I was thinking about how awesome I was the entire time. Any more questions?

I spoke about the story of Rahab and how God used her and how God uses us and our stories and turns them into something greater. But. Here’s the thing. If you know about the story of Rahab, you know that one of the highlights is how she was part of the lineage of Jesus. She was included in the genealogy listed in the beginning of Matthew. That’s obviously a huge deal, right? God used a prostitute and she became part of the family that led to Jesus. That’s huge. So, obviously you are guessing that of course I included it in my sermon. And you would be right.

Only, catch this: While up there I was all like “I have totally ingrained this message—it has been fused into my very being, so who needs notes?” So I barely looked at my notes at all. And you know what that means?

Yes. I forgot to actually say the part about Rahab being included in the genealogy.

No big deal? Right, no big deal. Except, oh, yeah. It actually was a big deal. That’s a pretty key part to the story.

But I forgot to say anything about it.

Silly me. Trix are for kids!

This brings me back to another time, a time much like this time, only instead it was in North Dakota and not in Kansas and I was speaking for my graduation and not for student-led chapel. I was doing the opening introduction and prayer. So, during the graduation rehearsal, my principal told me that the only thing I had to do was to tell everyone to sit down. I only had one task. One. Pray and tell everyone to sit. So, I guess maybe actually that’s two things: pray and tell people to sit. But still. I only had two things to remember.

And what did I forget to do?

That’s right. When it came to the actual graduation morning and I was all decked out in a cap and gown, I prayed and said amen and starting walking off the stage. I forgot to tell everyone to sit down.

One of my friends in the front row was trying to motion to me that I forgot to say the one thing that I was supposed to not forget to say, so I caught on to her motions and I noticed the dirty look I was getting from my principal, so then I did this little hop-walk back to behind the podium and was like, “And you may be seated.” But at that point, I’d already made a fool of myself.

So, here’s the point: sometimes in life you forget to say things, even important things. But in all the times we mess up and forget things, there is one thing we must never forget:

If we have people in our lives that we love, we should tell me. And tell them. We should probably tell them so much that they get sick of hearing it. Except, who really gets sick of being told they are loved? Probably no one. It is important to let people know you love and appreciate them.

Then, as we approach our last days, we don’t have to wonder or question or include it as a P.S. because it will be on the forefront of our thoughts and the first thing out of our mouths. There won’t be anything to smooth out or get off our chests. We will know that we are loved and those we love will know that we love them.

Never forget to tell people you love them.


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