Mormon Temples.


Charity walks.

Shot alternators.

Bottomless fries.

Birthday dinners.

That’s the short list of the going-ons in my life as of late. I apologize for being completely MIA. I have been busy, but that’s not why I haven’t been writing. I haven’t been writing because I haven’t had words.

Boys create Facebook accounts, and others text me in the middle of the night. It bothers me and makes me apathetic. If I could, I would include “grr” and “eh” in my daily vocabulary.

I think maybe it’s all about learning to pick your battles. And not accidentally telling the people who decide whether or not you will be able to be a licensed minister that you think alcohol is a non-issue. It’s about that, too. But it’s less about that and more about learning to pick your battles.

It’s also about checking your attitude. Like right now. Right now, even though I have no legitimate reason, I am a crab apple times ten.

I’m sorry. Please feel free to buy me a cupcake give me a hug.


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