The Point

I have always lived by the never-use-more-than-three exclamation point rule, except that the rule is actually more complicated. Because simply calling it the never-use-more-than-three exclamation point rule would imply that it would be okay to just use two exclamation points, but that’s also not okay. You can use one or three. Never any other numerical amount.

But today I broke that rule. I’m not even entirely sure why. I think subconsciously I feel like you are more socially acceptable if you use an insane amount of exclamation points after you send someone a “Happy Birthday” text. Of course if you were actually just telling them happy birthday, you would probably not yell it in their face. (Of course maybe you would, in which case, I’m not really here to judge.) My English professor illustrated this point by bringing in some sort of terribly punctuated email and after he read a sentence that ended in an exclamation point, he would violently pound the table. This made me afraid and also regret sitting in the front row.

I actually love exclamation points. But all of that is beside the point, because I didn’t set out to write this post about exclamation points.

Sometimes I look at myself and wish I had a six-pack. I don’t, of course, but I do have a two-pack. I mentally call it my “two-pack of possibilities” because I know it would be possible for me to have a six-pack if I put forth the effort. This may surprise you if you think I look like an athletic person, which I have been told that before. Someone told me I look very athletic when my hair is in a pony tail, which rarely happens because I feel like my forehead is large and pony tails make it look larger.* A guy at The Buckle also told me that I look like someone who could run fast.** Anyway, there are possibilities sometimes we don’t let ourselves believe.

I was looking through all the different graduating classes from the area and their class mottos. They were all corny and incredibly cliché, but when I remember how I felt when I was graduating, I believed I had a lot of possibilities in my future. And I still do. I am currently one year away from graduating college with my undergraduate degree. And I’m going to London for the summer. It’s weird because I’ve done many things I would never have imagined.

So as corny and cliché as it may be, you can do far more than you can imagine right now. Yes. I know, you are rolling your eyes, but it’s true.

You see, what has happened to you shapes you and has made you who you are today, but it does not define you. It does not pigeonhole you into a spot you cannot escape. It does not define you.

So get off the couch! Life is waiting!

*I will, however, be wearing my hair in a pony tail more often now, though, because I am going back to working at the nursing home for the next three weeks. I work in the kitchen, so not only do I have to wear my hair up, but I have to wear a hairnet. I’d be embarrassed if not for the fact that I can rock a hairnet like you wouldn’t believe.

**Of course now that I think about it, maybe he was not complimenting my possible athleticism, and is instead concerned because maybe I look like a prime candidate for someone who would shoplift.

***Also, I am not sure if that exclamation point rule is real or not. But I say it is, and it is my blog, so I do what I want.


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