Kick Drum

It’s the sound of a kick drum.

It’s the dive into the pool. Splash into the water and fat thighs become a non-issue.

You have no gills but you take to the water like a fish.

It’s the compliment that makes you blush. It’s the “you look nice today.”

Your lack of confidence takes a boost, but you’re still too good to follow him where ever he wants to go.

It’s the breaking of the dawn. Eyes open. Look at clock and rush.

You’re right off the road near a field in the back of the car. You eat donuts and go to church.

It’s the sound of your phone ringing.

You smile; someone’s thinking of you enough to call.

It’s the click of the phone as he hangs up.

You know he’ll never call again.

It’s the being stuck behind a car accident. Sirens and broken glass as they wheel out the stretcher and time stretches like elastic until it snaps like a rubber band.

It’s the sound of a kick drum until the monitor flat lines.

Life ended too short.

It was not the sound of a kick drum. It was the sound of your heart next to mine.


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