God's Call

Last night during the sunset service, Gavin spoke about God’s call. He said, “God calls us to a journey, not just to an event.”

He continued by telling us about a friend of his who always thought of God calling him to one event or another, and eventually, his friend walked away from God all together. He challenged us to embrace that God has called us to a journey, an ongoing walk with Him. God did not just call us to serve in a different country for seven weeks, so we can come back at the end of our time and just move on to the next event.

I think the message was a challenge for me because I’ve thought those same words that Gavin said: “If I just get through this summer, I’ll be okay.” But God is not just calling me to serve him for this time, there has been a call placed on my life for lifelong service. I don’t always know what that will look like, but I know I need to be in an ongoing intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior. And that’s a journey.

As far as what we have been doing, we have been keeping busy. We have been learning about our strengths, our different team dynamics, and about how we react to stress so we can take care of our wellness. After all, seven weeks is too long to not take care of yourself. We are keeping busy, but it has been good.

Thank you for all your prayers.


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