As you may know, or could find out more about from reading my other blog, (shameless plug), I am currently taking part in Youth in Mission training camp.

Tonight during our family groups, our family group leader was emphasizing the importance of journaling while we are at Youth in Mission this summer. She was telling us that if we don’t write down experiences as they happen, we will forget them.

“Think about it. Can you remember where you were three months ago, on March 1st?” she asked us, and around the circle and people would respond, “No idea” or “I was on Spring Break.”

I remember.

I can tell you where I was on March 1st.

I was home. It was the weekend of my Grandma’s funeral.

As I said it, I felt tears forming. It’s still too painful to think or talk about. I don’t think I can without crying.

How do you share when what you are sharing only brings back painful memories?

I don’t know. I don’t have the answer, but I know it is important to share.

You see, Youth in Mission is taking me as well as a team of four other people to London this summer. We were strangers before training camp started. Even still we are just getting to know each other. But we don’t have that shared history, so we only know what we share with other people. And it’s hard to be vulnerable at any time, and especially with strangers.

But I know that those things that are not easy are usually extremely worth it.


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