Wednesdays and Thursdays, A.K.A. Our Weekends

My mom keeps getting on my case about how I need to update my blog more. Which is true—I do need to make sure to keep everyone updated! It is so easy to get busy with everything we have been doing, and then in my downtime try to take a quick nap, that I forget to actually just sit down and write a blog post.

Today is Thursday, so tonight wraps up our second “weekend” while here (since we are busy with church activities on Saturday and Sunday, the Pastor gave us Wednesdays and Thursdays off). Yesterday we explored around Central London with Bernie (an elderly man from the church congregation). Yesterday actually started when we met Bernie to do fitness training. Right, I know you’re thinking: what? But seriously, he is seventy-five years old and believes that it is important for people to work out. So he actually has a lot of fitness equipment in his one-bedroom flat, including a rowing machine (that includes actual water to add to the effect of rowing in water—it was actually pretty fun). He then took us out for an English breakfast. I have learned that I do not really like baked beans for my breakfast, so I ordered a mushroom omelet with a side of bubble. I do love me some bubble.

Omelet, above. And below, Bubble!

Bernie then took us around London. Sadly, it was pretty much the same places we had already seen since walking around our first night, but it was still really interesting. It doesn’t really soak in that I am actually in London, but it is really such a beautiful city. We went to a park, and it was beautiful. There were a lot of squirrels! And chairs that you could sit in, provided you paid two pounds! Ha. Crazy. Nothing in this city is cheap.

Last night we got tickets for a play in Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. We paid 5 pounds for standing tickets to see, Henry V. It was a lot of standing and I woke up this morning with a crazy leg cramp, but it was such a great experience to see the play! After the intermission, we got a spot standing right by the stage and it was so cool! Okay, so I only understood about half of what was going on (it was a lot about war), but in the end the King kissed the French princess and it was great! It was so fun.

To catch up, Tuesday night our team led the church’s bible study. We started by leading three worship songs (and I sang, although I made sure not to stand too close to the microphone) and read the scripture, and spent a bulk of the time discussing the scripture, Matthew 9:9-13. Rachel, one of my teammates, led the majority of the night, felicitating questions. Then a man walked in with his wife and two children. I am not really sure if he knew what he was walking into, because it was clear he was a little confused. It wasn’t like he was interrupting, but it was clear he had some thoughts/questions about God. We brought the bible study to an end with a guided prayer (led by me), and then Pastor talked to the guy. So please pray for him as he is seeking. We invited him to stay and talk to people, and I’m sure they invited him to come back for our other services.

Today, since it was still our weekend, we went shopping on Oxford Circus with one of the women in the church. Her name is Annaliz, and she is currently pregnant (due the end of July), and she is seriously one of the most adorable people I have ever met. She has such a fun energy. She also loves shopping, so it was fun getting to spend time with her and shopping with her today. I bought a couple things, but obviously I am not going too crazy. It was a good day, and the weather was nice while we were out and about. The weather has since cooled down and now it is, once again, cloudy. I think it may just only rain here. And I, being such a smart packer, obviously didn’t bring a raincoat. I know, I know.

Missing from photo: Annaliz, but L-R: Me, Rachel, Macy

I really have enjoyed getting to know the people in the church here. They are really nice. Tomorrow we have a busy day. We are joining the weekly prayer meeting at the Pastor’s house in the morning, have a planning meeting for VBS with a couple church members tomorrow afternoon, and then we are going out with a large group of people from the church. We are going to a chicken place named Nando’s, which is a chain around here, but I hear it is really good.

Saturday is my birthday, which I am not really looking forward to. We have a seminar in the church from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. The seminars are really interesting; I enjoyed the one last Saturday. However, it means we probably won’t be doing much for my birthday. I already don’t like my birthday, so it will just make me miss being home. Because, let’s be honest, part of me, especially when I slow down and allow myself to think (read: overthink), I start thinking of all the things I miss about home and America. Topping the list is my mom, who I really miss. I know, it’s not like I am not away from her during the school year, but without more frequent wi-fi, we just don’t get to talk as much. A lot of contact is just quick checking in emails. So I am not looking forward to my birthday. But that’s just a day, and I know we are going to continue being busy.

Thank you for your prayers and support. I pray all is going well with you.


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