Sunday morning we had church. The church, while being more traditional for the most part, really does know how to praise God. My favorite part of the morning was while singing “Days of Elijah,” Pastor George (a retired pastor from Cape Town, South Africa) found the tambourine and started playing. And I mean he was really getting into it. He started walking around the aisles, playing tambourine, singing, and praising God with all that was within him.

That is the kind of joy I want to have. I want to praise God with all that is within me.

The Pastor here (Pastor Martin) has been preaching a six-week, twelve-sermon series on the book of Revelations and the End Times. He said he picked this sermon series because the people in his church wanted to know more about Revelations, and also because he figured it would be something that our team has not heard preached much. Which is understandable; most preachers would shy away from Revelations, at least any chapters past four. It has been an interesting series so far, although I am the first to admit (although not to the pastor himself) that I do not really agree with his theological beliefs. Even though I do not agree, I am grateful for the series because it is getting me to be more active in answering: what do I believe about this? I have taken classes in Systematic theology, so I am not coming to the topic with entirely fresh eyes. I do, however, come to the topic humbly for I do not know all the answers (nor do I think anyone really does). I am learning that even when I do not agree, there is still something I can learn from Pastor Martin and his sermon series.

After church, we went out to eat with a small group of people from the church to a local café (the one with the best bubble, in my opinion). I ordered a delicious Panini. It made my stomach quite happy. I was sitting next to the nephew of two other people in our group, whose name I cannot seem to remember at the moment. He ordered a chicken sandwich and about halfway through, he was like, “This is Man vs. Food right now, and I am struggling!” It was quite hilarious. Once he finished the sandwich, he put his arms up in triumph and then started flexing his muscles.

And you know, I think that is what I get most from Revelation. I may not understand all the symbolism, nor do I understand exactly what will happen when Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead, but I do know one thing: Revelation tells us that God wins. Jesus wins in the end. It is Man vs. Sin right now on earth, and we are struggling, but we look at the cross and know: Jesus won.


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