So, I am in the middle of typing up a recap blog post (I know, it’s long overdue), but the more I wait, the more I have to write about, so it’s lose-lose all over.

But first, let me have a little tangent post about my team.

If you know me, you know it takes me awhile to become friends with people. It takes me awhile to really let people in. It takes me awhile before I feel like I can truly be myself around people. But you see, when you are living inside a church with four other teammates in a large city in a foreign country (in a borough that is not exactly the safest to go out at night in), you are forced to let people in. It has been difficult and a blessing for me.

Each night our team gets together to do this thing called “candling” (sometimes we use it as a verb: “Are we going to candle now?”). We all get together around a table and having all the lights off, we light a candle. We pass around the candle and share our highs and lows for the day. It is our way to do daily debrief. And as a person who loves ritual, I love it.*

As a team that has been together for almost a month (in a week, I’m rounding up), there have been some tensions that have already arisen. But honestly, I can look at each member of my team and thank God so much that we are all together.

I am probably the most grateful for the times during candling (or anytime throughout the day) where we can just laugh together. No matter the height of the tension, laughter is needed. There are times we can really laugh together—and I mean laugh so much that I almost pee myself. And so, I am grateful for my team, for candling, and for laughter.

We just got off of our weekend (Wednesday and Thursday), we are back to working breakfasts and lunches and planning. We are in charge of a joint Sunday School class, the missions night on Sunday night, and a NMI Prayer and Fasting service on Tuesday night. Not to mention, Saturday we have a seminar all day, followed by the NYI BBQ all evening. So, even though I may post a lot of statuses on Facebook about the tourist-type things I do, please know that we actually do some work. Sometimes I feel like we should be doing more, but I don’t think ministry is always cut and dry. Sometimes it is flexible and something you do without realizing it.

*Confession: At school last semester, I joined my suite mates in religiously watching The Bachelor. I know, it is not really my proudest moment. But let me tell you why I think I enjoyed it so much. Each Monday, my roommate was usually not working so was actually around, and everyone in my suite would gather in the living room and turn on The Bachelor. I think I liked the ritual of it more than the actual show. I mean, let’s face it: the show is ridiculous and the past season Ben had his hair middle-parted which is all kinds of ridiculous and Courtney, well, I wouldn’t have picked her.


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