London Calling

The days since we have been back from Paris have been great. Coming back to London almost felt like coming home, and it was nice to know how to travel and get around (Paris is harder to navigate than London), and the Tube feels so much cleaner. And I know the language here! Accents, yes, but there have only been a few times I’ve not known what someone was saying.

So our first day back was Friday, which is Manse Prayer. I always greatly value this time to slow down in the middle of our busyness and pray. We bring before God our requests and praises, and we recognize that we must bring all before Him in prayer. Now, I must be honest, my relationship with God before I left this summer was not in the best place, but among other things, being here has helped me regain strength in my prayer life. And I am so thankful for that. Anyway, after prayer, we stayed for lunch. And let me tell you, Pastor’s wife can make a mean lunch. It was delicious.

Friday evening we joined two people from the church for a night of Sushi in Chingford. And I’m a sushi newbie, so I don’t know really good sushi from anything, but it was really good. It was company, good conversations, and all-around it was a great night.

Saturday morning we woke up to witness outside the church gates to people as they walk by. We invite them to church and our upcoming VBS if they have children with them. It rained every now and then when we were out there, so we would pop inside to wait out the rain. It would pass and we would go back out. Let me tell you, doing this is not my strength. But I do believe it is important to share Truth with people, and it is easier to invite people to the church while standing right outside it.

Afterward, we went to a market. It was stupid cute and vintage-y. I didn’t buy much (one necklace is all), but it was fun looking at everything. We went with two people from the church, one had to leave and then the other stayed and we went to a cupcake place. It was delicious. We came back and ate supper at one of the nicer restaurants in Walthamstow (I know, who eats nice on mission trips? Sorry, but we have been doing well on meals. It had been a blessing.)

Sunday was filled with church services. We woke up and went to Sunday School (the usual teacher was gone for the adult class, so Pastor George taught it and it was great). We then had the family service, and grabbed lunch after. We then headed into London to attend the 3:30 service at Hillsong. I enjoyed the service, but I don’t think I could ever go to a church that large. We then made it back just in time for our evening service.

Mondays have been hard for us to get an early start in the morning, so Eliott, Rachel, and I went out early to get groceries for the week. We met together and Macy and Sidney went to a store to get some supplies for VBS. Sidney and Rachel also had a meeting with one of the nearby schools, and we were set up with five classes to go speak to about our testimonies and stories. That was a great opportunity! We went to share on Tuesday, have two classes we are going to share with on Friday (7/13) and then two on Monday (7/16).

Time is going by fast, and it feels like we have a lot still on our calendar! Some of the things we have going on that need to be surrounded in prayer are:
Our time we will be sharing with the students at Holy Family;
We are hosting an evening for the NYI about sex, dating, and relationships (exploring it from a biblical and Christian perspective);
Saturday morning witnessing at the church gates;
Saturday we have a cookout lunch with the NYI;
Sunday services;
Tuesday night Bible study (both this upcoming week as well as next week);
Our trip to Rome on 7/18-7/20;
Saturday night worship/skit night (7/22);
VBS (planning and the actual event on 7/23-7/25);
Anything else I’m probably forgetting and God will allow us to do.

Praise God for our busyness, but please keep my team in your prayers.


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