The (Almost) End

I don’t really want to think that my time here is over, so I am just saying it is almost over. I have learned a lot this summer, and I am still continuing to process everything.

Last night, Pastor George came to the church and anointed each of our feet with oil and prayed over us. My words cannot really describe what a blessing that was. The church members have all really blessed us so much. We have been welcomed in, and now I have to say goodbye to people who have become family. But, really, with hugs and kisses on the cheek, I know it is more “I will see you later” than goodbye. Don’t know when, but someday I will be back or we will meet in Heaven.

This summer has taught me a lot. Hopefully I will be able to really process everything on my way back to the States (hello, ten-hour flight to Dallas). I know I have changed, and I know I have grown. I don’t know how I will readjust to my life back home, but God has taught me how to trust him on new levels and I hope I continue to grow in the Lord even as I leave Walthamstow.

It is bittersweet. I should have known it would be.

Please still pray for my pastor.


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