Really The End, For Real

Yesterday I was supposed to be on a flight going home, but my flight from El Paso to Chicago was canceled. So I got picked up by Mandy, who is doing Mission Corp in El Paso for the next year. I spent the night at the church and now I am awaiting boarding for my flight to Chicago.

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my teammates and we all parted ways. I cannot tell you how sad this made me. We have become quite close the last two months, which makes sense–we spent every day together. I remember creeping on my teammates’ Facebook profiles before I met them thinking about how insecure I was and that we would probably not become friends and I would have a terrible summer. Yeah, I know. Sometimes the illogical part of my mind wins out over the logical. I am ridiculous, my roommate tells me to stop being ridiculous all the time. And now, as I am looking back, I am so grateful for my teammates. They have become some of my best friends, as corny as that may seem. Macy and I are going to plan flights to San Diego over our fall break to see Rachel, and honestly, I cannot wait. I am already excited for a reunion.

I have honestly learned a lot this summer. I am excited to prepare a presentation for my church to report on what our team did in London. I was blessed to have this opportunity. I learned how to trust God on a deeper level and I also learned God calls me to complete obedience. I don’t always know what that will look like, but God calls me to, just like the hymn says, trust and obey, for there is no other way.

Even in a post-Christian culture, I know God is working in London and through the lives of the people at Walthamstow Church of the Nazarene. I am excited to hear updates about the lives of the fiends we made (thank God for Facebook and email).

I will admit, I am ready to be home. My day delay has made me even more ready to be home. I didn’t shower this morning and going off my makeup from yesterday, so I should apologize to whoever I end up sitting next to on the plane. Sorry! Oh well. I am not mad about it. My flight into Fargo doesn’t arrive until 4:35. Then I will wait for Becky to come pick me up and then it is another two and a half hour ride home. But I will make it! God is in control.


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