High-Waisted Jeans and Bad Days

I went ahead and already crossed today off on the calendar.

You’re welcome.

A couple Saturdays ago my mom asked me about the best part of my week. It took me a while to think of the week’s highlight. Let’s be real: it wasn’t a great week. She warned me she would be asking me again about the best part of my weeks are from now on, so I better be prepared.

I ordered some jeans online a couple weeks ago, and they finally came in the mail. I was fully planning on having that be the best part of my week. One pair is gray and I like them.

However, the other pair of jeans are high-waisted*. And I just can’t tell you how I am feeling about it.

On the one hand, I feel empowered in an I-can-eat-so-many-burritos-now-and-yes-I-will-take-fried-ice-cream-for-dessert kind of way. Yet, on the other hand, the rise is so high it covers my belly button so I am not even sure if I am still human. And I only have two hands otherwise there would probably be more sides to this.

Since I am so on-the-fence about my new jeans****, I feel as though that cannot be this week’s highlight.

Luckily it’s only Wednesday.

Unluckily, today has not been too memorable. I woke up late, got a parking ticket on campus, and realized I could connect the dots into multiple star constellations with the number of snags in my tights.

But, two of my best friends are in Russia and I cannot tell you how awesome I think they are. I am excited for them to have this opportunity, and I ask you to pray for them and the rest of the team there as they serve the Lord and love on people. Seriously, they are great.

And also in great news, my pastor has returned home and preached his first Sunday morning message since being back. I am so thrilled. Even though I’m in Kansas, just knowing he’s home makes me ecstatic.

Maybe this has been all to say sometimes you think your week is going downhill, but if you would take time to look around you and notice all the many things you have to be thankful for, you will realize your week is overflowing with happiness because you are surrounded by amazing people.

*Microsoft Word is trying to tell me this isn’t a word, but I refuse to believe it.**

**Google says it is a word. Urban dictionary just lets me know I can officially lose hope in all humanity*** because someone out there thinks “waisted” is how you spell “wasted.”

***Correction. I already lost hope in humanity earlier this week when I was grading papers and saw this: photo(2)

****But clearly I have decided I am very pro-hyphenating things.


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