31 Days of Trusting God: Introduction

afterlightHello, if this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! I am glad you are here. My name is Andra, although everyone calls me “Annie” (with the exception of my mother—hi, Mom!). I am linking up with The Nester and the 31 Days. I am linking up under the Inspiration & Faith category, and you can check out other blogs that have linked up with the 31 Days here. This is my first time joining this blog party, so where are the confetti poppers? This occasion needs confetti poppers. (Is that even what they are called?)*

I was hesitant to do a blog series titled “31 Days of Trusting God” because it sounds very systematic and cliché. I don’t think you can fit “how to trust God” into a neatly defined box. I believe a dynamic relationship with God often results in wresting with difficult things and can result in messy living. When you encounter Christ, I believe it challenges the way in which you see the world.

So, this series is not a self-help way of learning how to trust God. My heart in writing this series is to discover what it means to trust God in the middle of uncertainty. I don’t have it all figured out, and I have a lot of learning and growing ahead of me. I am twenty-two, and I am not where I thought I’d be when I was twenty-two. I am currently a grad student in seminary, but I’m also a distance student (meaning I video-conference into classes and am physically 600 miles away from the seminary I attend). I am in the middle of searching for a job, I’m single, and I’m living at home. My circumstances are teaching me the importance of trusting God. As much as I am stressed about not having a clue what is happening next, I’m grateful to be in an ambiguous place. Sure, of course I would love to have my own place, a significant other, and a job. I would love to feel like I have life figured out. At the same time, I am thankful I don’t think I have life “figured out,” because I would be deceiving myself. I don’t think you ever really have “life figured out.” As soon as you feel secure, you feel you don’t need to be dependent on God. I’m trusting God because that is the only way I can survive. I am in a place where I am desperate for God to move and speak. I’m trusting God to do those very things.

I mentioned I think “31 Days of Trusting God” sounds cliché. I don’t want you to write this off as Christianese and fluffy mumbo-jumbo. I am writing this because this is something I struggle with and something through which I am constantly wrestling. So, I thank you in advance for letting this be a safe place of wrestling with issues, asking questions, and discovering truth. I believe honesty is important, so I doubt I’ll come to the end of these 31 days with cookie-cutter answers like “you just need to pray and trust God more.” That doesn’t really answer anything, and it’s not very helpful. I can’t guarantee I’ll be helpful, but I will be honest.

Yesterday I went on a walk with one of my best friends. She looked at me and said, “God has a plan.” She is going through a different set of experiences than I am, but I believe while we are all going through different circumstances, learning to trust God on a deeper level is something with which we can all connect.

If you have questions related to this topic, I’d love to write about those questions throughout this month. Please feel free to email me or comment on any of my blog posts. I believe we are on this journey together.

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*I just googled it. I found that confetti poppers are also called “confetti canons” but that sounds a little too intense for me, so we’re going to stick with confetti poppers. It sounds more festive.


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