What I’m Into: October 2013

photo(1)Today I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and “What I’m Into.”

October was a good month. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit my friend who lives in San Diego while our friend from London was also visiting. This is such an understatement, but I am BLESSED with great friends. It was such a restorative time. I wish I could go back. Once I start getting real paychecks again, I’m going to start saving for a trip to London because it’s important to invest in friendships. The shared stories that comes from spending time together is necessary for friendships. It’s also necessary to be with friends for your mental health–I’m convinced of it. Since I have such great friends, it was a great time to worship together and pray together. It was beneficial to my spiritual health as well.

We were able to do a lot of great things while together. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, sat on the beach, ate delicious food. We went to LA one day and walked around the campus at Fuller. We went to Mexico and were able to join a church group that works with Amor Ministries (which is also where my friend works) to begin laying a foundation for a house. We joined my friend’s church who helps serve meals to homeless through the Salvation Army on Tuesday nights. I think explaining some of the things we did shows it was maybe not a typical vacation, which I love. I think this shows my friend is such a giving person it was natural for us to join her life, which involves a lot of generosity (and fun; we also joined her friends for a game night). Honestly, it was a blessing to be welcomed into my friend’s home, and she has a great group of friends who were also very welcoming. Words feel insignificant to sum up my experience. I am extremely grateful to have wonderful friends who are examples of godly women (even if they live miles away). They speak truth into my life, are an encouragement and are just plain fun to be around. Also my friend from London was able to carve a pumpkin for the first time, so seeing her excitement easily made it my favorite pumpkin-carving memory.



Confession: I did not do a lot of reading in October. It’s probably been the month I’ve read the least this year. I don’t really know what happened. You’d think since I had time in airports and on planes, I would have read more. I didn’t, but here’s what I did read.

1. Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead by Brene Brown

This book was great. I have been wanting to read it for a while, and I’m really grateful I did. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes:

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”

“Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat, it’s understanding the necessity of both; it’s engaging. It’s being all in.”

2. The Daniel Cure: The Daniel Fast Way to Vibrant Health by Susan Gregory and Richard J. Bloomer

I read this book to review on my blog (the review will be posted tomorrow). I wanted to read it because it’s different from what I normally read, plus I was curious to learn more about the Daniel Fast. I have never really fasted before, so I’m always interested in learning about spiritual disciplines.

I also read some books for class. The Puritan As Yankee: A Life of Horace Bushnell (Library of Religious Biography) by Mr. Robert Bruce Mullin and Christian Nurture by Horace Bushnell. Yes, you guessed it. We are focusing on Horace Bushnell at the moment. I have to write a paper on him. I know, I’m just trying to contain my excitement.


I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation with my brother. I have also been watching New Girl, The Mindy Project, and The Vampire Diaries because I just can’t quit them. Feel free to judge away. I’m not mad about it.

On the blog:

I participated in 31 Days of Blogging. I wrote about trusting God. Did I blog for 31 days straight? I did not, but before I started my month, I had the goal to simply blog more often. I did meet that goal. Hopefully I wrote something helpful. At least it’s helpful for me to process my thoughts through writing, so that’s what I did.

You can find my posts here:


Single and not waiting” at Converge Magazine

I know, I talk about singleness a lot on my blog. It’s part of my life, so it’s part of the blog. I really enjoyed this article about singleness:

I’ve wasted my time, my energy, and my emotions on this concept that singleness is just a waiting room for a relationship. I’m tired of this view that my life begins when I wake up next to my husband, because I’m pretty sure my life began 23 years ago when my mom gave birth. And this mentality has robbed my joy.

Ask Polly: I’m a Drunk And No One Likes Me!” at The Awl

Alright, so yes. The title of the article may seem off-putting. And, yes. I’m not a drinker so not all the advice is overly meaningful for me personally. I don’t endorse this website, and be warned this article does have language. But, this:

It’s OK that you landed here. You’re young and you’re learning how to navigate a crazy world. Everyone makes a big mess of things when they’re in their 20s. ‘I made a lot of mistakes, I made a lot of mistakes,’ Sufjan Stevens sings over and over at the end of ‘Chicago,’ and his melancholy is laced with a redemptive kind of forgiveness. Forgive yourself for [messing] up, and know that you will be loved and adored and heard and treasured as a friend. You will have everything you’ve ever wanted.

But you need to stay sober and believe in yourself like it’s your job. Now is the time to cultivate your sense of gratitude for small things. Walk outside, in the early morning chill, in the pouring rain, and tell yourself: I am fully alive, I am eminently lovable, and my life is just beginning.

On Halloween” from TroubleFace Mom

The article starts out with: “I think I may actually offend every single church going person I know with this post. I’m not sorry.” What else to do you need to know? Am I the only one that wants to eagerly read this article after reading that opening sentence? As a Christian thinking about Halloween, this was an interesting and helpful article.

I’m just saying that hiding from this holiday and the opportunity to meet our neighbors and/or their awesome kids may not always be the best way to approach it. So if you’re torn or on the fence or not sure how to deal with this very polarizing day for the Christian world, here are some thoughts: Turn your light on. Lots of lights. A city on a hill cannot be hidden right? Be a city on a hill. Halloween may not be ‘redeemed’ but you are. So open your door and smile.

We Moved 850 Miles to Find Life”

“We do not merely exist.  We are.  We create a life.  Carved out of the hours, the memories we make, the places we live, we create a way of living that enables people to point at us, maybe even try us in the court of public opinion, and say, this is what they value. We’re trying to create the kind of life we’re being drawn to, the specific qualities of Jesus that are pulling at us.  I want to create a life of meaning.”

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Into: October 2013

  1. Loved Daring Greatly! I found it so inspirational – I borrowed a copy from the library, but I need to get my own so I can highlight it! 🙂 Also a big Parks and Rec fan 🙂 I love reading all of these What I’m Into posts! 🙂 Have a happy November!

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