What I’m Into: November 2013


Today I am linking up with Leigh Kramer and talking about “What I’m Into” for the month of November.

Dear November,

You were a good month, but you weren’t that special. It’s not you, it’s me. I just kept my head down and tried to get work done. Maybe if I had looked up, it would have been better and the days would have been a little sweeter. You were not a bad month, you held within your dates the opening of Catching Fire and Thanksgiving. That’s a great combo.

My family has a tradition of watching James Bond movies on Thanksgiving, so as a family we polished off BBC Sherlock and then watched Skyfall. Usually that’s not the way we do things, but life is about adaptability. In case you are curious, we usually each pick a James Bond movie to watch (my mother, brother and myself) and have a mini-marathon. I like tradition, so pretty much every year I pick GoldenEye. My brother can by far quote more of the lines from that movie, but it’s a classic in my opinion.

I also managed to read some fun books this month, which always adds to my happiness. So, November, thank you for allowing that space. With October I finished coursework for two classes, leaving me to deal with one class. Still I did not seem to have time to work ahead. While I am not off schedule, I’m also very grateful to the deadline extension from my professor. November, you are a strange breed.

All in all, November, you were alright. I apologize I’m not more sad to say goodbye. Let’s visit again in a year, what do you say?




Anytime Anne Lamott writes something, I need to read it. Stitches by Anne Lamott was no different. Her words are nourishment. This is the follow-up book to Help Thanks Wow, both of which are entirely too short. It’s about our brokenness and where we find meaning in the midst of it. How can we stay faithful in the middle of this mess of a world we often find ourselves in? It’s all woven together by words about grace:

“Grace arrived, like the big, loopy stitches with which a grandmotherly stranger might baste your hem temporarily.”

Anne doesn’t give you all the answers, but she paints big how we need to stick together:

“We stick together.  We trust that Love bats last; that laughter is carbonated holiness:  that everything that happened to us belongs to us and we can write about it, and heal; that the most direct experience of the Divine will be in the love of our pets.”

I finished the last book in the Divergent trilogy this month. Allegiant by Veronica Roth was gretumblr_mwh5s2sTzV1qa975ko1_500at. Again, I really love Young Adult fiction. And, whatever, I did read the plot on the internet before I finished because I can’t handle surprises and I like to know what’s going to happen. Plus people on the internet wouldn’t stop talking about how much they hated (or loved or haved*, depending on who you are talking to) the ending.

Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint by Nadia Bolz-Weber. Yes. First of all, I love to read people who challenge the way I think. I devoured this book in one day. She’s so honest and blunt. Apparently those are two of my favorite things. I recommend you put this on your reading list.

I needed this book: Packing Light: Thoughts on Living Life with Less Baggage by Allison Vesterfelt. She writes in a way that even though she’s telling her story, you are still discovering things about yourself. She documents her 50-state road trip she took with a friend of hers. What I appreciated was she does not tell all the happy moments the way time can be kind and you spread grace over all your past experiences. She tells about the difficult moments, too.

I also read some books on Erik Erikson for class. Let’s be real, by the end of next week, I’ll be having Erikson come out of my ears so let’s just calm down. Also, I learned this month it’s not funny when you tell someone you have a date Friday night with Erikson when they have no idea who Erikson is. They end up getting just a little too excited for you.

TV & Moviestumblr_mvndp7bOev1qa975ko1_500

Two words: Catching. Fire. If you have not seen Catching Fire yet, I question your ability to make decisions. I mean, all the feels, right? You can bet your bottom dollar I’m counting down until Mockingjay. 

I went to see Ender’s Game with the family. Even though I have not yet read the books, I enjoyed the movie.

tumblr_mwd1ymGQHn1qa975ko1_500Some more words: BBC Sherlock. Yes, please, thank you. January will be exciting.


I don’t listen to music a lot. I know, I’m not normal. I’m usually listening to NPR–it’s the station to which I set my car radio. I love NPR. I also love listening to audiobooks. Call me weird, but I have a thing for listening to words rather than music. Even still, I have been listening to The Head and the Heart, and I’ve been digging it. I’ve also been listening to this song by All Sons & Daughters because LISTEN TO IT.

December brings Advent, so I’m pretty excited for my favorite season on the Christian calendar. Although the beginning of December has already played out a little differently than I expected. I am back in Kansas City working a temporary job at my former place of employment. It’s only for two weeks, and then I’m back in the Dakotas.

*This is not a successful way to combine the words “love” and “hated.”

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Into: November 2013

  1. So much goodness here! And I love the Lamott quotes you included. I’m almost done with reading Insurgent. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to read Allegiant rather quickly, but I can’t decide if I want to know the bad ending plot beforehand or not. {Thinking it involved a main character death, and to that I say, me no likey.} 🙂 I too lOVED Catching Fire – it was my favorite of the books, and I’ve seen it twice already. Not sure if I’ll be able to handle the Mockingjay movies if they are as violent as the book, but I’m assuming they’ll be toned down b/c of the mass appeal of the movies…we’ll see! Loved your post as always! 🙂

  2. Sherlock!!!! I can’t wait. I loved Allegiant. For reals. But I will not be watching Catching Fire because I could barely handle Hunger Games in the theater, even though I read and loved the books. Judge me all you want. I judge myself.

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