What I’m Into: February 2014

madewithOverToday I am linking up with Leigh Kramer and talking about “What I’m Into” for the month of February.

February was great because I did not travel for the whole month. I love traveling, but it adds stress. It was nice to slow down a little bit (as much as anyone who is working part-time and going to seminary full-time can). The last day of February brings a trip. I am driving to Minneapolis to meet a group and head to a conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Real talk: I am sick of wearing boots. I never really thought I would say that, but I definitely am. I am ready for winter to be OVER. I am ready to wear normal shoes without worrying about stepping in a pile of snow. I am ready for light spring jackets and no more winter coats. I am ready to watch the weather forecast and not see blizzards in my future. I know I live in North Dakota, but I am so over winter. Is it May yet?


I did not do much fun reading this month. That makes me sad inside because I love fun reading. But, instead, this is my reality:

afterlightI’m not saying reading for seminary isn’t fun, but it does add more pressure than reading for enjoyment. Will there ever come a day when I don’t have homework?

In case you are interested, I have been trying to track my reading on Goodreads.

TV & Movies

Is February the month where TV shows go into hibernation? I watched some of the Olympics this month. This, of course, results in me crying every time. I find I always have this desire for everyone to win. When they play the athletes’ stories beforehand, especially when they have gone through trials, I am gone. I am a crier.

I started watching 30 Rock on Netflix. It has been nice, each night before night to wind down, I’ve been watching an episode. And, you guys. This:

Also, can I just tell you I love watching Jeopardy! This may mean I am an elderly person, but it’s true. I own floral cardigans, so clearly I am embrace inner old person. I am quite excited for the return of the Jeopardy! Battle of the Decades.

I did watch Clueless on Netflix. Feel free to judge, but I’m holding to my opinion that it is a classic.

I try to maintain viewership of Parks and Recreation, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, and Bones. I have almost entirely given up on The Vampire Diaries (don’t tell my college roommate).

Articles & Videos

Since I am a youth pastor in a small town, I really enjoyed this article: “10 Reasons Rural Ministry Is Great” by April Fiet:

Farmers might invite you to ride with them in the combine at harvest time. Schools might ask you to assist with coaching or substitute teaching. Local community clubs offer the opportunity for your church to connect with the community in a meaningful way. These kinds of opportunities – and many others – are available to the rural church pastor in a way that may not be true in larger communities.

I am not from a charismatic background, but I found this post to be really beautiful. From Deeper Story, “A Careful Charismatic”:

My language shifted. Gone were my careless words, my over-familiarity with the divine and casual talk of how the Spirit was at work here or there. I held my tongue more. I watched. I listened. My hunger for justice deepened. I saw the Spirit at work in places I’d missed before, and it broke me and freed me at the same time.

I don’t stay up late enough (again, I am an old person!) to watch The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, but I watch clips:

Check out what others are into:



6 thoughts on “What I’m Into: February 2014

  1. I’m pretty sure that I nodded my head in agreement with every point that you mention in this post! Winter – please just stop. I am in the Midwest, so dealing with nothing compared to what you get in ND, but I just moved from the Southeast & it’s be a LOOOONG 1st winter. I didn’t watch much of the Olympics, but when I did watch, I totally wanted everyone to win as well. My husband and I were both flipping out when we watched (just in channel surfing) the gold medal being split by 2 women in some skiing event – it was amazing & I had about 2 1/2 minutes of investment in either athlete prior to the event, but those stinking “back stories” get me – full of pathos, but I just can’t help it. Also, _Jeopardy_, _Clueless_, & the Jimmy Fallon lip synch battles are all awesome. My husband & I have frittered away WAY too much time watching clips of late night shows lately. Finally, I am totally w/you re: the joys of reading and lack thereof with coursework. I love my coursework, but the freedom of leisure reading seems like something that I haven’t experienced in so very long. Apologies for the marathon comment; loved your post – made it here via “What I’m Into.”

    1. Thanks for the comment (and I loved that it was long)! I agree with what you said. I didn’t see that part in the Olympics, but it sounds intense! And there’s definitely no shame in watching lots of late night show clips!

      Hope you are having a great day!

  2. I think there’s an extra “here” in your greeting/bio at the top of the page. 🙂 (So, funny story, I reread that sentence after I wrote it, and I had typed “there’s is”…oh, irony.)

    I can totally relate to the heavy reading, and the wish for lighter material. When I got near the end of my MBA program, I started binge-reading for fun. I have no idea where I found the time, but it was like I hit a tipping point and I couldn’t do my studies anymore without some fiction in my life.

    1. Ha! Thanks for catching my typo! (It makes me wonder if anyone noticed and didn’t tell me! It’s almost like having food in your teeth and no one telling you!)

      I agree with the binge-reading for fun. It’s only a matter of time before I will need that release!

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