What I’m Into: April 2014

madewithOver(4)Today I am linking up with Leigh Kramer and her monthly “What I’m Into” linkup.

Can I be real with you? The thought of composing this wrap-up post felt too overwhelming. It is nearing the end of the spring semester at seminary, so I am finishing up final projects and papers. The thought of adding even one more thing to my to-do list makes me want to punch something.

I don’t do a lot of bloggy* things, but I love this link-up. I like to remember what I have been able to do each month; I like to keep track of what books I read. Not only do I love reading what other people read, listen to, learn, and do each month, but I also love the community feel of being connected with other people. I love feeling connections over the internet. So, hello friends. I think this linkup (and all communications and community built through blog and other collaborative and interactive technology) is worth it. Social media can distant us, but it does not have to. It can bring us together. It can connect us with people we would not otherwise connect with.

April was a good month. It was, however, also a somewhat difficult month. The quote by David Allen really struck a cord with me in April:

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

So I am learning time management. Some days are better than others. At the very beginning of the month, my mom and I went to Sioux Falls to see Ira Glass. Yes, IRA GLASS. Of This American Life and public radio fame. I was really excited. It was a great talk. It was fantastic. It made me love Ira Glass all the more.

tumblr_n3l1e2VV1n1qa975ko1_1280I am looking forward to May. May is graduation month for a couple of the teens in the youth group, and graduation is always exciting. I will be going to Kansas City for a week for a class at seminary. Mostly I will just be happy when I finish my spring semester homework.


Once again, I mostly read books for my seminary classes. However, for my sanity, I also read a fun book. I read Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Little Lessons for Making It Work by Tim Gunn.

7684650I first appreciated Tim Gunn when I watched Project Runway and he would always say, “Make it work.” It’s one of my absolute favorite life mottos.

Though my attention to fashion has dropped significantly now that most days I only leave the house to go to the post office, which hardly warrants wearing makeup much less care if my outfits makes any sense. I consider it a success when I lint-roll the cat hair off my clothes.** I still have always appreciated Tim Gunn.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s not super deep. Plus he name drops all over the place. One of the most important lessons is “be nice.” So, yes, there are really simple truths in this book. When you’re just reading for seminary, it’s nice to take a break and read a book where someone is reminding you of simple things like:

“I believe that treating other people well is a lost art.”


“I will always be there in the wings saying, ‘You need to be good to people. You need to take your work seriously. You need to have integrity. You need to work with what you’ve got.”

Plus I enjoyed his stories.

“I’m not sure what the moral is here…I really just wanted to tell that story.”

Also, that quote is the story of my life every time I want to include a story in a sermon. Sometimes it takes real self-control not to include a story illustration because it just absolutely does not fit in the sermon. Overall, this book helped me appreciate Tim Gunn more.

I also read and reviewed Girl at the End of the World by Esther Elizabeth on the blog. You can read that here.

www.randomhouse.comTV & Movies:

I finally started watching Veronica Mars with my family. Having seen the series on my own several times, I consider it a necessity that my family also watch it and experience the joy. We have not finished the first season yet, but we will eventually.

Otherwise, I have somehow managed to keep up with: New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, Bones, and Parks and Recreation. And Jeopardy! of course.

Someone in our church was extremely generous, so we were able to take the youth group to see the movie God’s Not Dead. I enjoyed this movie, even though I know Christian movies make people roll their eyes. I think it was overall a good movie. The ending did make an impact.

Other Various Things I’m Into:

  • Anytime Jimmy Fallon does a Lip Sync Battle. With Joseph Gordon Levitt, Paul Rudd, Emma Stone, doesn’t matter. I want this to be a real life thing. You think I can get the youth group to get on board with this?
  • Eating mac and cheese. I can’t help it. When I am at a loss for what to eat, I boil some water and get out the macaroni, milk, butter, and cheese and go to town: tumblr_n4gi6vD65P1qa975ko1_1280
  • To further prove I have not been thinking about fashion, I’ve been living in this Lightweight Zip Hoodie from Old Navy.
  • And, as always, I’m into coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. It’s the best way to survive the end of a semester.

*Bloggie (Is there a particular way to spell this? Bloggers, help a sister out.)
**Which may just be why I’ll never write an etiquette book. While I’ve mastered how to write thank you notes and hold the door, I’d probably include a chapter about what do to when your cat jumps on the table and takes a bite out of a birthday cake.*** Which would no doubt make Emily Post roll over in her grave.

***In case you’re curious: my advice would be–as I imagine cat owners would agree–that you’d simply cover the spot with more frosting. Frosting can cover a multitude of cake baking sins. Then, depending on who is in your party, you’d avoid that area of the cake while serving.****

****There’s always exceptions. Because if someone of whom you are not incredibly fond is there, feel free to serve him or her this piece of cake. But, never pull a Minny from The Help and admit to it.



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