See You in August


I need to start off my post with an apology. The crickets have been chirping and cobwebs are growing on my blog. I totally recognize that, and I apologize. People tell you one of the keys to a successful blog is to post consistently. Since I have been completely inconsistent, it makes sense that my only blog reader is my mom (hi, Mom!).

However, sometimes you need to slow down, focus on what matters, and get to work. Unfortunately, my blog writing suffered because I committed myself to various other things. In turn, I suffered. I really enjoy writing for fun (and not just for classes), so I have missed writing for fun. I am excited to start posting original content again, but it won’t be right now.

This July, I will be silent around my blog. You will not see posts. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I will probably still post occasionally. If it is Instagram, count on me posting pictures of me holding various food items. (That’s really all my Instagram is.)  It is my intention, however, to be present rather than focus on my phone.

This is not because I am going to be on any sort of vacation. I’m not going to the cabin or the woods. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. July is going to be crazy. It is going to be all kinds of cray-cray. It’s so crazy I have to use slang.

Tomorrow I am driving to the airport and will be in Salt Lake City for a week. I am speaking at a camp (which makes me sound like a bigger deal that I really am–trust me, I am not a big deal). I do appreciate your prayers, because even though it’s one of the rules of being a public speaker not to admit you are nervous, I am nervous. While I was in college, one of my professors asked me to speak to his preaching class. I preached a sermon, and I shared some of my sermon-writing process. Since I was speaking to my peers, I felt completely overwhelmed and inadequate. Even though at this camp I will be speaking to teenagers and not my peers, I still feel a level of inadequacy. I am praying for the teens and that God will move in a way I cannot even imagine.

Then, the next weekend, I will be officiating a wedding in Omaha. I am excited for this, because it’s one my dear friends. I am so thankful I will get to be part of a celebration.

I will then be involved with district conventions for my denomination. It involves a little travel (though this drive is far shorter than driving to Omaha), and will require my time and energy.

The final week of July, I will be at district camp here on my district. As the youth pastor, we are taking some teens from my church. Camp is always an exciting (and exhausting) time. Then, it will be August.

I am overwhelmed just thinking about this month. But you have to take things a day at a time. And it all works out.

But I will be unplugging as much as I can. I read this blog post by Shauna Niequist, and I needed to read it. Even though I am not heading to a lake for silence, I do want to be present in each moment this month.

One of my character flaws is that I get real stressed before I travel. I am grateful for each opportunity I get to spend time with friends and each chance I get to minister, celebrate and share, but the time before leaving drives me a little crazy. I am also the Patron Saint of Last-Minute Packing, so that does not help either. To be present amidst the crazy-busy, I will need to take a lot of deep breaths and pray. Everything works out, so I know I need to calm down a little. One way I am doing this will be not beating myself up for not getting everything done. I feel bad about not blogging, but I am not going to beat myself up about. I do not want to reach the end of July and not have fully lived each day.

Enjoy your July.

I’ll see you in August.*


*I mean, obviously, I won’t actually see you. This is the internet. But you know what I mean.



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